Oh what a glorious spiritual ride !!!!!!

Oh what a glorious spiritual ride my new life in God , Christ , and Heavenly Father , has been.. There’s been a lot of ups and downs , ivy even been going left and right , horizontally and vertically . But now looking back retrospectly , at all those crazy wild, and emotionally spiritual soul striping events. I now can now say it’s amusing, funny , wild, exciting, heartbreaking, and I wouldn’t trade it all in for a really true peaceful , so_called, normal life. For everything, literally everything that I’ve experienced , has made me just a little bit stronger in God,

. And my faith expand exponentially,. And, plus I’ve learned, so much about the word of God. And about what I think about what God might want me to do for him,his glory, and his kingdom , in my life right now. I might not be able to become a preacher, so to speak, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t , kinda be like the apostles , and go around talking about the glorious news about God and his word and his works, whenever God is brought up in a conversation. And say what he’s done for me. And to kinda teach about God, that way ….. Thank you all who read this , for taking the time to read about this wonderous news, and for taking time to read this, period. . period…………….. God bless you all. Christians and non Christians alike … God loves you and so do I… And thank you too, God , in Christs name, I write this and for his glory.. Amen. …. Amen……Amen.

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