Nothing to fear but fear itself

Why, why . Why all the hype, and fear. This is truly a Godless society, I mean look at all the fear around us about this coronavirus (covid19).. don’t these so called Christian’s read their Bible. Like Isaiah /19 . Fear not for I the Lord am with you. It makes no difference what you do if the Lord is going to let you get this virus, your going to get it, no matter what you do. I believe we’re in the last days , the beginning of course but none the less the last days. Look at all that’s happened so far to us the human race, there’s to many signs out there that’s happened that’s mentioned in the Bible that Jesus has said would happen towards the end. And I don’t take God with a grain of salt. I believe in every thing he said and says. You’de be a stupid fool to not to……………. There’s people out there who half ass do what God has told us to do. And there’s also those people out there who’s God is a God of there convenience, who thinks God don’t mind the sins that they do. That there saved nomatter what they do because they call themselves Christian’s, but do they really and truly know God??!! No or they wouldn’t be acting like fools and doing the stupid things they do…. They’re one of the main people I pray for. God help them lost souls!!!!!!!!!!

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