The end times/ a new world with Jesus, God

Hi again, sorry I’ve been gone for a little while. I’ve been very busy and have been listening to a lot of bull crap. By the way, todays blog post is a special post. Today I’m going to talk about the end times, the end of world. And, I’m also going to talk a little bit about the problems that everyone seems to be having But first I need to talk about where I live. I’m living in a kind of assistant living facility, but it’s for the handicapped, and you’ve got to be independent to live here. God is good & loving & compassionate. Fist of all like I’ve already said there’s a lot of bull crap , and I was getting mad a lot more than usual, so for I’ve asked God to keep my to tongue still. Sincerely. Because I want to do what’s right. And God has really answered my prayers. Ok. So to start, I’ve said that the end times already seems to be here. So people better be ready or be getting ready , or there going to be hurting a lot more after death, than they ever were when they were living.

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