The end times/ a new world with Jesus, God

Hi again, sorry I’ve been gone for a little while. I’ve been very busy and have been listening to a lot of bull crap. By the way, todays blog post is a special post. Today I’m going to talk about the end times, the end of world. And, I’m also going to talk a little bit about the problems that everyone seems to be having But first I need to talk about where I live. I’m living in a kind of assistant living facility, but it’s for the handicapped, and you’ve got to be independent to live here. God is good & loving & compassionate. Fist of all like I’ve already said there’s a lot of bull crap , and I was getting mad a lot more than usual, so for I’ve asked God to keep my to tongue still. Sincerely. Because I want to do what’s right. And God has really answered my prayers. Ok. So to start, I’ve said that the end times already seems to be here. So people better be ready or be getting ready , or there going to be hurting a lot more after death, than they ever were when they were living.

Something new

I’ve just started something new. I’ve just started a podcast, it’s called/ ” the feel good podcast ” .       I hope you’ll tune in and listen. Not all of the podcasts will be payed. I will publish free versions too. Cause I feel Gods words should be free.

Nothing to fear but fear itself

Why, why . Why all the hype, and fear. This is truly a Godless society, I mean look at all the fear around us about this coronavirus (covid19).. don’t these so called Christian’s read their Bible. Like Isaiah /19 . Fear not for I the Lord am with you. It makes no difference what you do if the Lord is going to let you get this virus, your going to get it, no matter what you do. I believe we’re in the last days , the beginning of course but none the less the last days. Look at all that’s happened so far to us the human race, there’s to many signs out there that’s happened that’s mentioned in the Bible that Jesus has said would happen towards the end. And I don’t take God with a grain of salt. I believe in every thing he said and says. You’de be a stupid fool to not to……………. There’s people out there who half ass do what God has told us to do. And there’s also those people out there who’s God is a God of there convenience, who thinks God don’t mind the sins that they do. That there saved nomatter what they do because they call themselves Christian’s, but do they really and truly know God??!! No or they wouldn’t be acting like fools and doing the stupid things they do…. They’re one of the main people I pray for. God help them lost souls!!!!!!!!!!

Just About Nobody

I was just thinking about my parents today and I was thinking about how I’ve really got nobody. Oh yes , I’ve got my friends and my caregiver and payee. But in the family I’ve just about got nobody. If it weren’t for my one cousin . My dad’s brothers daughter, I really would be alone. Even though I’ve got friends and my dad’s ex sister in laws daughter who’s my caregiver and payee. I think God is calling me to be a pastor. I feel it in my heart. One of my spiritual gifts is , discernment. I’ve always have had a unusual Sense of right and wrong.. that’s all for now till next time. I love you all, God bless you all….

He’s gone, rest his earthly body…

Hi everyone. I’m back. It’s good to be back. Sorry for those out there who follow me, I got busy , things happened. All in all I’ve had a full plate this past year. But I’m so happy to be back. Things are still a little bit busy, but not like last year. I’ve had a rough New year s ! My dad just past away at the end of last year and I’ve been grieving this new year. It’s so hard to believe that he is gone. Even though I got to see him one last time right before the funeral. He didn’t have a real per say announced visitation. He didn’t want one. He didn’t think he had anybody in the family still alive, to come to see him. He’d be surprised at how many people who came to the funeral.. he had one niece ,and he had an extended family ( friends ) and one of them was his ex sister in law’s daughter ,who happens to be my care giver and payee. Before the funeral service at the grave site. I told my dad not to eat to much at the table God has set for us when we come home, to our heavenly home God said he prepared for us I just can’t believe he’s gone. He was so cold , I put my hand on his and said goodbye to him. I wa even the paw bearer at my dad’s funeral. And I said a few words at the funeral.. I got my pastor to do the funeral grave side service. Along with his ex sister in laws daughter’s husband who is also a preacher. My old pastor of the church I started going to before I started going to thrive church , even came to the funeral.. God bless each and every one of there souls. And every one of the residents at the home where I live has really been supportive and good to me. Bless each and every one of there souls too.. before dad passed away he gave his rings to my caregiver/payee to give to me… My dad got a veterans funeral , he was a veteran. They played taps. And they gave me a flag. Oh my sweet precious dear Lord God , how I miss him, now I can’t go and see him ,talk to him or hear his voice anymore. But he’s in a better place now. No more sicknesses no more failing eyesight, and no more bad hearing. And best of all her in our heavenly home, with our heavenly father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Got to go it’s probably about time for breakfast. Don’t know who’s working this morning. Thank you all. And God bless you all. By for right now …. Cordially Byron……

New church member

I’ve recently joined another church. And made it my new home church. No offense against new life Baptist Church, but this church is even more alive. This new church I’ve joined is called, Thrive-Church … And I’ve found New ( fresh ) life , in God. With this new church.. I’ve even made a commitment in my heart to God, to actually serve God. And since then, the things God’s told me, and the things I’ve seen, have pretty much for me to be miraculous. I really understand God’s word more than I ever did or could have, since then. And I really feel like my spiritual eye’s have really opened up also since then. I even got to help a little bit in setting up for the church’s end of summer luau party. Thank you, praise the Lord, and God Bless you Father, who art in heaven……

I feel like God is calling me to do something , in church, on the night we have a candlelight service . For Christmas .. So I prayed to God, that he would through his , supernatural , Powers . Give me the right words, to say. Plus I am going to also when I do , I’m going to wish God a happy Birthday , and a merry Christmas !.